Considered among the "4 Golden Industries" during a recession:


Government jobs are among the most secure you will it local, state or federal in nature. Government is required to keep order in society - from sanitation to security. It's the largest employer there is so opportunities are constantly developing.


Sooner or later everyone gets sick or get hurt. Patients are "customers" that never stop coming for service. From pediatric care to senior citizen nursing, there's never a lack of work in this industry.


The "customers" are students who can range from infants and toddlers in daycare to adults taking continuing education. Even in a recession, trade schools swell with individuals who go back to learn skills to stay job competitive.

Food Industry

Everyone has got to eat. So finding a job anywhere from farms, food processing plants, grocery stores to restaurants are rarely in short supply and secure because of their very nature to feed the populace constantly on average 3 times a day for every man, woman and child.

Below are the "4 Golden Industries" and a few others:

    • 1 Find recession proof jobs at utility companies. People may try to cut back on their utility use during hard times; however, utility companies are one of the safest bets for a job during an economic recession. People may cut back, but it's not possible to completely stop using utilities. To find recession proof jobs in the utility industry, check out There are a lot of resources for finding a job in the utility industry.
    • 2

      Find recession proof jobs in natural energy industries. Now that the government is funding and guaranteeing loans for natural energy industries, expect to find high-growth recession proof jobs in Green industries.

    Find recession proof jobs in education. When the economy slows down, many people flock to schools 
    and universities to improve their education. During an economic recession, the government still funds 
    education, and people still vote to approve bond funding for education. Even during a good economy 
    more people want college degrees than older generations. Find recession proof jobs in education by 
    checking the job ads in your local paper. Google search for websites to your local colleges, universities, 
    high schools, and elementary schools for jobs.

    • 4

      Find recession proof jobs in healthcare. With baby-boomers reaching retirement age and population growth expanding, expect to find recession proof jobs in the healthcare industry. There are plenty of healthcare jobs. Life expectancies are longer, and according to AARP, 70 percent of the population will need long term care during their lives. To find recession proof jobs in the healthcare industry, check out and

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      Find recession proof jobs in security, law enforcement, and government. Look for more government recession proof jobs for Homeland Security and law enforcement. Security is always necessary no matter how bad the or good the economy is doing. To find government jobs go directly to government websites. For local police enforcement jobs check your local city government websites.

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