We stress the importance of having a trade skill whether you are a high school or college graduate as a backup for employment. To the surprise of many, there is more demand then there is supply of people who know how to make, repair or operate something. 

1. How to Learn New T
rade Skills During an Economic Downturn

2. Trade Schools, Colleges and Universities

Regular news about the economic downturn and numerous lay-offs can be depressing. Disorientation and a sense of fear about the uncertain future can discourage most people. However, even in a slowing economy, it is fairly easy to learn new trade skills which can either add value to existing jobs or open the possibilities for career enhancement and even encourage shifts to new career streams altogether. And in a world increasingly dependent on computing and digital technologies, options and avenues for learning and benefiting from new technical skills are plentiful.


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      Assess your career growth path. In these intensely competitive times, trade skills and education qualifications acquired at a young age are not enough for career progress. In the wake of an economic downturn, learning new trade skills is important. Address the career prospects and industry outlook of your current job. Depending on your current skill sets and aptitude, acquire new skills and capabilities in relevant manufacturing, retail, technology, finance or other trade/industry domains. If you are laid off and looking to land a new job in an IT or technical field, consider acquiring part-time technical or computer diplomas, certifications and degrees from continuing education centers of state universities. Take advantage of job-related courses offered by neighborhood community colleges or short-term full-time programs from computer learning centers, vocational and trade schools and institutes.

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      Meet career counselors and advisers. Many state universities, community colleges, state and federal government career agencies and even the privately-run training schools and institutes have career counselors and qualified career advisers. Seek these counselors' advice to chart out possible career paths and decide which new trade skills to acquire and get tips on aptitude-matching courses and programs. Attend free workshops, training programs and job orientation sessions at state and county government information departments and employment and training services centers.

    • Evaluate the time it will take you to learn new trade skills and seek out your best option for breaking up the education. Most colleges and training institutes now offer varied and flexible delivery methods and options of learning. If you have a job that entails putting in long hours daily, it is advisable to opt for a mix of weekend and online live and online anytime classroom sessions. If you are out of work, it makes sense to quickly finish off the desired programs or coursework by opting for full-time classroom sessions on all weekdays or longer online sessions every week.

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      Arrange your financial resources creatively. Some of these courses and programs can be expensive. Leverage your financial resources judiciously.If the HR manager in your organization still values your experience and current capabilities, make a compelling pitch about adding value to the company by learning new trade skills and get your tuition sponsored. If you have already been laid off, dip into some savings or the severance package given by your company. If necessary, break that long-forgotten CD. But think of the money outgo in acquiring such new trade skills as a medium-to-near long-term investment which is bound to pay dividends later.

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Tips & Warnings

  • Visit area public libraries and seek the help of librarians or counselors to fine-tune career enhancement and job-related searches on library information portals. Most of these career enhancement programs and new trade skills learning diplomas can be expensive. Consider asking for interest-free loans from well wishers, friends or relatives if you are facing a financial resources crunch.

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