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Best Part-time Job Sites and Search

Top Sites for Part-time Job Listings

When you're looking for a part-time job, it makes sense to start with the job search engines and with the niche job sites that focus on part-time and hourly jobs. You'll save some time searching because all the jobs posted on these sites are for part-time jobs, occasional schedule work, or on-call positions. In addition, you can narrow your search results to give you only part-time job listings in your area.


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Part-time job listings, advice on finding a part-time job, and information on the top companies that hire part-time employees. Careerbuilder is a robust clearinghouse for jobs of all types, and you can select filters for the specific kind of part-time job you're seeking. For example, if you're looking for a part-time job in the healthcare industry, you can browse job openings according to geographic location, skills set or job title. When you're looking for part-time work, use "PT," and "part-time" as part of your search string. More 


If you're interested in a seasonal part-time job, CoolWorks lists thousands of summer and seasonal jobs. The cool thing about CoolWorks is that you also can search by employer name for part-time positions, seasonal work and summer jobs. CoolWorks is popular among students and other job seekers looking for work during the summer and holiday seasons. Many of the featured job listings include positions in the tourism industry. More 


There's nothing fancy or significantly searchable at Craigslist, but, that doesn't matter. The simple list of "real" jobs works. Select your city or your preferred geographic location, then click on "part-time" (at the bottom of the list of job categories) and review the list of job openings. Craigslist really is a menagerie for job seekers -- you can find a little of everything on this site. Part-time work, contract or temporary work, occasional shifts and seasonal jobs. It's all there on Craigslist. More 


Indeed.com is an aggregator, which means this site includes job listings from hundreds of web sites including major job boards, top newspapers, as well as hundreds of associations and company career pages. Use the Advanced Search option, then select "part-time" from the Show Jobs of Type drop-down menu. One of the interesting features about Indeed is there are forums where job seekers exchange information about their job searches, interviewing tips and employer hiring practices and reputations. More 


Monster's hourly and part-time jobs database is searchable by keyword, location, employer name and job title. Monster was one of the first job search boards on the scene, and while other job boards and aggregators have stolen some of its thunder, Monster is still a useful site for part-time and temporary job seekers. Like many other jobs databases, you can post your resume on Monster so employers who are proactive can find you first. More 


SimplyHired is another aggregator. It claims to have millions of jobs in its database; however, the site doesn't make simplify the advanced search process. Click on "Find Jobs" to start your search and then click on "Advanced Search" to filter by Job Type. More 


SnagAJob -- like other job search sites -- lists both full-time and part-time jobs. The difference is that they are hourly jobs, which lends itself to a more fruitful search for part-time jobs, the majority of which are paid by the hour and not on a salary basis. It's actually a pretty dynamic and user-friendly site, with the job titles prominently displayed so you can quickly skim through the list of available jobs in your area or your field. More 

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